Thursday, December 1, 2011

My mum Brithday ♥

I want try use English write my BLOG
because I has learn English in Erical (So expensive)
I wants Fighting!!
yesterday is my mum brithday :)
After I wake up I no say HAPPY BRITHDAY to her
SOrry ><"
(I want give my mum Surprise la )
So,I say with my father,sisters and brother Tonight think bought my mum go out dinner 
BUT!! when my father came back home ..
Him says CAR 坏了!!
OMG ..Last,I walk to near with my house's Cake Shop to brought cake
After finished brought Cake , I also order Domino's Pizza
Order 2 pizza just Rm30 only
Very YUMMY ^^
但不懂你们看得懂不 .
hope you all understanding  :)

可是交通,酒店通通都还没搞定 (╯﹏╰)
  华语也通通还没温习 (懒惰)
写完BLOG还要继续背 Story ..
所以就再这停笔啦 :)

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