Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saturday shooting!! :3

Hello ,see you all again :)
use English write BLOG again ><"
Milk with senior shooting again
in Saturday ,milk with 4 senior  shooting in 英国坟墓
all senior also Darul senior 
but has a senior's GF not Darul only ^^
Him GF is a makeup artist
She very Professional a !!
give you all see photo now :)

First : take by  jasyon 

TQ jasyon
I very like this photo

Suddely : take by Soo Wei Lun
TQ senior 
I like also , looking thin and beatiful xP

Lastly :take by Jean
TQ jean
this photo so funny xD

I remember has a senior but could'n find him o.O
him no face book account? 
 Aaaaaaa!! I also want say Thank you  for senior'GF 
TQ you helps me make-up :)
(虽然一时接受不到 :3)

牛奶也被改形象了 :3

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